Subdivision Map Act Classes

-Online Classes Now Available-  

Classes are offered at $285/person, or $260 for 2 or more attendees. 

Discount for those registering 2 or more given at checkout. 


*If you are unable to make the class you have registered for, a credit

will be issued for any future class of your choice (which includes online), or you may transfer your credit to another individual.

New online classes scheduled!


  8:30    Good Morning!

  8:45    Seminar Begins

10:30    Break (15 mins)

12:00    Lunch Break (30 mins)

12:30    Seminar Resumes

  2:30    Break (15 mins)

  4:30    Seminar Ends

  4:45    Questions

  5:00    Happy Hour Cocktails!

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